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Bluetooth low energy: making biomonitoring hassle-free

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Summary: This is HUGE – It turns out that the new Blutooth Low Energy just made possible the mass adoption of biomonitoring!

I would really suggest that you read the complete article but in summary, the most important features for mHealth are: (1) Low cost, 2) amazing power optimization (run for years using standard coin-cell batteries) and (3) multi-vendor interoperability which means you won’t need to install anything on a Bluetooth-enabled phone in order for your device to send data to the cloud. When a Bluetooth low energy device first connects to your phone, it defines to which website it would like to connect with, then it opens a secure tunnel and sits aside while the web application configures the device. After that, whenever the device has data to send, it informs the phone, which reopens the tunnel and allows the device to talk to its web application!!!!

If you’ve not had the Eureka moment yet, let me explain the beauty of this approach: You don’t need to load anything onto your phone. If you go down to your local store and buy a Bluetooth low energy device (say a glucometer), it will be able to connect to its website via your phone as soon as you turn it on. All you have to do is say “yes” when the phone asks if it’s OK to set up that connection. It means that every device will work with every phone! And also that it will run for years without having to recharge or change batteries. Oh and by the way… it’s not expensive!

Full article: Bluetooth low energy – that Eureka moment | Creative Connectivity.


Written by tapiar22

February 28, 2010 at 11:38 pm

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